My Hero


My hero to me is my daddy because he’s a good inspiration and me and my daddy has being through some hard times and he still hasn’t gave up on me.


Research Proposal

Ethan Clark

Research Proposal

I am going to write an annotated bibliography on the use of steroids in baseball.  First I will talk about how it has changed the game. For instance before steroids in baseball there were fewer homeruns.  Next I will discuss the changes that the MLB has made to make sure players are not taking steroids. Last I will research and explain the harmful side effects it has on the human body.

I know a lot about steroids because I am a baseball player myself and I always looked up to mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry bonds and they were all on steroids. Steroids are a human growth hormone that enables humans to build muscle at an exponential rate. There are many different types of steroids. There are steroids in pill form, injectable steroids, and steroids that can be absorbed through the skin. Steroids are not safe and can end an athlete’s career prematurely.  Steroids can cause ligaments to tear, bones to weaken, and tendons to stretch.

I plan on getting a lot of my research from the book that Jose Canseco wrote juiced and basically its about steroids and Jose Canseco was the first person to ever get caught using steroids and when they caught him, he didn’t admit doing it at first but later on he confessed. As soon as he confessed he started telling on other teammates, players because he was caught and didn’t want to see others do good, which I wouldn’t either but he should of let them confess on their own. He always describes what steroids will do to you and always what they will make you feel like. That’s the reason you see all the baseball stars breaking all the records, but im not saying all athletes do them but most of them use performance enhancing drugs which cause you to have more power and stamina which is known for cheating.

This is an important issue because todays athletes are being held at a higher standard, and performance is expected. Also they feel a lot of presser on them to make it to the next level. Some teenagers will do whatever it takes to be the best, even if that means using steroids. We need to make it known that steroids are bad and can be very harmful.

Most people are concern with the physical effects on how steroids make you appear physically, that there unaware on the effects that steroids can have on your body eternal, and mentally. Everyone associates steroids with muscle growth and strength but unaware such effects as kidney, liver damage, growth of female breasts, mental damage as we know as road rage and damaged the chances of having children.  Without further knowledge and testing of steroids, we as a society should not be encouraging the use of such dangerous products, especially with no knowledge of the potential damage it can have not only on you but to your potential offspring as well.  It is extremely harmful that many of our professional athletes, whom many young children emulate are associated or have been accused of steroid use.  This leads to many young Americans susceptible to following those role models who they admire.



The person i was interviewing said that teen pregnancy was bad and also gangs in his community. Another problem was alcohol/drug abuse. Too many teenagers doing the wrong things when they need to go to school and get an education.

One of the things that i’m doing my research proposal is on football steroids and I think that the football league should get tested for performance enhancing drugs jut like the rest of the sports.

Recently Steve …


Recently Steve Jobs died and played a major role on getting the apple company where it is today. Steve Jobs were a real truthful man and was a caring father and a husband. Other people helped Steve Jobs get this company up to par.

In my past expe…


In my past experiences with going to the doctors in Robeson county the medical field has been very good. Every time i go to the doctor i have the best care. I am very interested in finding out what others think about our countys health care system.